Should I Replace My Tyres With The Same Brand As My Old Ones?

Are you pleased with the way your car is currently performing? If your answer is yes then you should definitely purchase the same exact model of tyres you currently have when the time comes to replace them. There is an old saying that – “If something is not broken, don’t fix it” and the same applies when dealing with your car.

Tyre manufacturers dedicate a lot of time and money each day into producing tyres that have qualities that should make you love the way your car drives. The original tyres that came with your […]

The new Mercedes V-Class

Welcome back V-Class!

There will be no hiding from Mercedes’ new V-Class MPV when it get its full reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next year. Until then its snippets of information here and a few cheeky production shots there.

It’s the first time the V-Class name has been used since 2003. Replacing the outgoing Viano, Mercedes is aiming its newest descendant at the larger families out there.

Newly released shots of the interior show a cabin the size of the Boeing 747 and the instruments and dials to go along with it. It features the same touchpad […]

European Car Market Showing Signs Of Recovery

The light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine that little bit brighter.

After months of plummeting figures and record lows, Europe’s car market has started showing signs of recovery following a surge in UK car sales during September.

Buying a tin of beans has proven a struggle of late and as the recession has tightened its stranglehold on households throughout the country it’s no surprise that the motor industry has been hit hard, with hard-pressed consumers deferring purchases as they await the end of the storm.

Automotive industry association ACEA this week though has revealed that car registrations […]

Alfa Rome-No

I have just found myself eyeing the new Alfa Romeo 4C with almost rabid desire, headlights apart, a truly beautiful creation, only to remind myself of the reality of Alfa ownership.

Most car enthusiasts have a soft spot for Alfa. For myself it’s the pre-war works racing cars run by one Enzo Ferrari that stir the emotions. Plus, I like the badge! However, the last remotely worthy cars they produced were the GTV from the 1960’s and the 70’s Sud.

I took the plunge when an unmissable deal on a new 2.4 TD Brera Coupe came along, super sexy in Alfa […]

Active Lane Keeping Assist & Blind Spot Assist


Sky Living’s new series ‘The Blacklist’ is sponsored by Nissan Micra ‘drama from Sky Living with attitude from Nissan Micra’ is the punchline, attitude…..and the Micra! really? the Micra couldn’t look like it had attitude if it were fitted with a machine gun turret.

Dave Burnett


Had a lovely drive out in our Morris Traveler at the weekend.
I really enjoyed the interaction with the car, looking ahead for hazards as the brakes feel like the linings are made from marshmallows, losing the back end on a roundabout at 18mph and having to engage second gear from neutral before first due to first lacking synchromesh.

A far cry nonetheless from the hugely impressive BMW 640d M-Sport Gran Coupe I’ve driven recently. Its dynamics (ride apart) are truly first class – it’s the technology that drives me crazy. The bluetooth works when it feels like it, the drive […]

Gracenote music recognition

While writing my last blog, on the Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept, I came across Gracenote – a music recognition service which plays songs befitting of the mood.

It got me to thinking about cars, music and a report I read a bit back about a study into the affects of music on drivers.

It’s one of the main rules of the road. You’re driving, you’re the DJ. Passenger and you’re at the mercy of the musical tastes of those to your right or in front. Is there anything quite worse than being strapped in and subjected to Nick […]

Money-grabbing sneakiness of Councils

How many times have you nipped into town only to end up chatting to that long lost friend before losing track of time and facing a race to the death with the ticket-happy traffic warden you saw stalking your car as you locked it?

“I’m only 30 seconds late”.
“It doesn’t matter.”
“I was helping a pregnant young woman deliver her child in the middle of McDonalds.”
“Not my problem.”

While infuriating, wardens have become part of the high street landscape. A necessary evil perhaps.

Not even wardens though compare to the money-grabbing sneakiness of councils using CCTV and “spy cars” to enforce parking […]