Baby, it’s cold out there

It’s getting colder than a snowman’s nipple out there and as Jack Frost’s icy grip continues to tighten itself around roads up and down the country, it’s important to remember a few things.

With money usually rarer than rocking horse droppings around winter time, getting your car fully serviced before the cold snap is usually way down that list of priorities; below mulled wine, cheese, crackers and well, crackers.

There’s nothing stopping you from carrying out a few checks of your own though. First up, make sure the battery […]

Don’t Fear Kia !

Got a chance to look at a few new Kia’s at Chris Evans excellent CarFest North this year and was amazed at the quality of their products, a far cry from one of their early offerings the Kia Pride, I sold one in the early 90’s and just what made them proud is totally beyond me. It got me thinking about cars from the 70’s and 80’s, and whilst we now look back with rose tinted spectacles at the Vivas, Cortinas and Allegros our parents took us […]

Hands Free Phone Ban?

Next time you step into your car, could you please make sure you take the following advice;
Do not talk to anyone, do not look at anyone, don’t check your mirrors or the sat-nav. and whatever you do, even if it’s 40 degrees outside, do not wind down that window!

That is surely going to be road safety charity Brake’s next line after they said this week they want hands-free phones banned and drivers forced to turn off mobiles when behind the wheel now because it’s too distracting.

Brake want […]

Message from across the pond…When Should I Replace My Old Car With A New One?

Most drivers develop a certain attachment to their car over time, associating it with plenty of great memories and exciting road trips that they feel are linked to the car in a special way. While that might be the case, there does come a time when even those cars with the fondest memories need to be traded in so that the driver can actually save money and enjoy the latest technologies for safety and efficiency on the road. When confronted with the conflict between trading in […]

Road Age

My grandad turns 80 in two months. One of the nicest people I have and am ever likely to meet. But if you asked me to get in his car for a lift into town…I would rather walk the three-mile barefoot across hot coals.
And despite being part of a generation that never took driving tests, it’s not the state of his three-point turns I take issue with. It’s the fact that as he enters his winter years his eyesight worsens while his reactions are akin to those of a tortoise on cannabis.
The number of over 70s who hold valid […]

Flight of fancy?

On December 17th, 1903, the Wright brothers took to the skies in the world’s first ever fully operational powered aircraft.
In 1989, I finished Back to the Future wondering when a flying DeLorean would become reality.
Now, nearly a quarter of a century on, it looks like car flight technology could be about to take off.
I’m not for one second saying we’re going to see families flighting over air space down the local supermarket but advancements are certainly being made.
Four months ago, Boston-based company Terrafugia showed off its Transition “roadable aircraft” at an event in Wisconsin.
The car, whose hinged wings unfold […]

New CEO at Aston Martin

So Aston Martin is to get a new CEO, I must say this has got to be good news for car enthusiasts, as whilst they have produced some beautiful (DB9) and exciting (Vantage V12) models, in recent years every model since the DB7 of 1994 has basically looked the same, even the most ardent petrol head needs to look twice or even spy the badge before proclaiming their find with any confidence.

Still, Aston has recently been voted the UK’s second coolest brand and with their new engine deal with Mercedes AMG, I am sure their new models will get […]

RAC Gas Price Comparison Study Reveals New Rules Of The Road

Automotive services company RAC Limited released its 25th annual Report on Motoring on June 10, 2013. The “Silver Edition” of the report examined a variety of issues affecting the United Kingdom’s motorists, from gas price comparisons to the most popular car makes then and now. While UK residents cited fuel prices and insurance costs as two of the most frustrating parts of hitting the road in 2013, an estimated 90 percent of the respondents said they were more reliant on their cars than they were 25 years ago. The study polled more than 1,542 British drivers and motoring experts […]