Self-Driving Car

Search engines, smartphones, tablets, maps. Google is as common a product as Heinz in most households nowadays. And it could soon be appearing in driveways up and down the country.

The Californian tech firm has been quietly going about developing the world’s first self-driving car for a number of years now, modifying existing cars to hone its technology.
But as negotiations with various motor firms across the globe continue to stall, it seems the search giant may well go it alone, meaning Fords, Vauxhalls and Mercedes’ could soon be joined on the forecourt by a Google counterpart.

Three states in America […]

Just say no Zammo

Well Dr Zee, If governments wish to dissuade the masses from sampling your legal high’s, 10 mins of watching your pompous, condescending, self peddling narcissism should do the trick. (channel 4)


The strangest thing happened to me the other day while I was driving home from work.

As I approached a roundabout and glanced to my right, the car coming from that direction indicated left and veered off past me.
The flashing amber light surprised me so much I actually missed my chance to move off.

You see, in a time when cars come with more hi-tech gadgetry than a Bond motor it seems many of them no longer feature indicators.
What else could explain the number of drivers showing a flagrant disregard for the rules of the road so regularly, not only […]

Mercedes ML

Good things comes to those who wait. Patience is a virtue.

All very good but I doubt the great minds who dreamt up these little life slogans never had to deal with internet car spy shots.
Those dreaming of getting their hands on Mercedes’ new coupe crossover (the MLC) have finally had a taste of what to expect. And with its public unleashing not scheduled until 2015, appetites have been well and truly whetted.

Testing was carried out at the Nurburgring in Germany albeit under the body of the current Mercedes ML.
While hardly anything is known about the MLC, the engine range […]

Ramshackle Rally

Remember driving KIT around your parents’ backyard pretending to be Knight Rider?
Even in the trenches of adulthood I still sometimes look at my car and silently wish ‘why can’t you be KITT?’.
Imagine my joy then when a friend told me about a rally where they not only let you dress your car up in all manner of ridiculous regalia, they let you drive around Europe in it.

Ramshackle Rally. Two words that will have you smiling about driving again. Forget Gumball Rally and your £250,000 Bugattis. Here £200 bangers are king.Find a motor for under £200, transform it into […]