AA colour figures released

I remember as a youngster playing a game with my dad involving cars and their colours. It would usually come about when my family went shopping. Mum would go into a shop and while me and my dad waited outside, he’d ask me to pick a colour of car. I’d always go with red, he’d choose blue. We’d stand there for what seemed like ages, him adding one to his score every time a blue car motored past, me shouting ‘yes’ every time I spotted a red one in the distance.

No matter where we went, what time of year […]

Using Car Headlights To project Images Onto Surfaces

A few weeks ago I was writing about the Mercedes Concept GLA when I read
‘lasers allow the car’s headlights to project films and pictures onto any

I immediately began imagining watching Back To The Future on the side of a

Fun? Yes. Practical? Maybe not.

Cars are becoming less like automobiles and more like a space rockets;
dashboards illuminated by endless rows of dials and instruments with
instruction manuals the size of encyclopedias.

I recently read a piece that asked whether cars were becoming too
technologically bloated and were all these advancements distracting drivers
from the experience of driving.

Every time a new Bond film came out […]

Speed Limited Cars…

Everywhere you look nowadays Big Brother can be seen rearing it ugly head.
Fortunately I’m not talking about that uninspiring, unimaginative piece of Channel 5 trash but instead the EU’s apparent plans to start fitting cars with speed limiters.

Yep, those bureaucrats in Brussels have laid out proposals that cars should now be fitted with devices that slam on the brakes whenever the speed limit is exceeded. Cameras will read limits displayed on road signs and automatically apply the brakes if you’re even 1 m.p.h. over the limit. Cameras which, in time, will probably perform retina scans while the on-board computer […]

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Edition 507 Trailer

Understanding BlueDIRECT Lean Burn Combustion of E-Class 250