Lock up or lose out…

Part of my job requires me to visit the local police station at least once a week. Not to see a parole officer but to report on any crime that has been happening in and around the area. The majority of incidents we get revolve around vehicle crime and specifically, items being taken from vehicles.
Here is how a typical conversation will go;

Officer: Five items totalling £800 were stolen from an Peugeot 208 in … Street at 7pm on Saturday.

Me: Was the car locked?

Officer: No, it was insecure.

Me: What […]

Bicycle to car ratio…

I went to Bruges at the weekend. Whilst traipsing around the cobbled streets of this beautiful city, I was astounded by the amount of times I was nearly hit by cyclists blurring the lines between road and pavement.  It may have been the Duvel dulling my senses or the chocolate covered waffles weighing me down but even minus those, I would still have been involved in a number of near scrapes.

I know traffic-heavy city centres and cycling go hand in hand but […]