Apple has had me by the short and curlies for a number of years. The second I downloaded  iTunes and placed in its hands my entire music library, was the second I sold my soul to Steve Jobs. Goodbye Nokia Snake. Hello Angry Birds and an ever angrier iTunes user.
And it now looks like even choosing your future car could depend on what smartphone you’re carrying around in your pocket.
Apple and Google are looking at bringing their software to a centre console near you and all before the end of the year.
Google has already team up with Hyundai, Audi, […]


You’re driving home from work on Friday evening after the 10-hour day from hell.
The warm air from the vents is gently massaging your eyelids. The seat arms begin to wrap themselves around you and those motorway lights become nothing more than a hazy nuisance.
Seconds before you slip into a world of Caribbean Islands and unicorns, a car horn pierces the inside of your cranium, your heads jolts back into position and you quickly reassert your control over the steering wheel, ignoring the drool that’s slipped from the side of your mouth.
That is called a micro-sleep. Yep, we’ve had microwaves, micro machines and […]