Top of the Class


There’s no point denying it, we all want a flashy car or a new one and love it when people stop to stare at you driving it around! The only downside to it is the cost and unfortunately, not everyone can afford a brand new car, well that’s what they think anyway! Take a  Mercedes for example, they’re stylish, flash and a dream car for most, but you don’t have to look at the five figure cost of it; look at the three figure cost from Best […]

An Offer You Can’t Refuse!







Prepare for summer by investing in a brand new Mercedes SLK 200 AMG! Let’s face it, we all want that perfect car; the one we look good in, the one that performs well and the one that is relatively cheap; coming by all three things in one though, is quite the task. Here at Best Merc Deals, we have some of the best deals for Mercedes business leasing in Burnley (as you would expect) and we always have unbeatable offers […]