Preparing For Summer

Summer might be a few months away, but there’s no harm in preparing for the year’s best season is there? Each year, many of us kick off our summer by purchasing new clothes and booking the best holidays so that we can enjoy the long-awaited bliss of the sun, it’s a real shame that we only experience summer 3 months a year. If you’re from the UK like us, then you’ll know what the majority of the year offers us in terms of weather; rain, snow and the coldest […]

The Complete Package

We all get excited about buying a new car and all of sudden become like kids in a sweet shop! It is an exciting prospect, especially when we finally get to drive away in our brand new car!

A car is perceived as having only one purpose and that is getting you from A to B, but with all the features that each car model has attached to it, it’s become more than just a form of transportation. These can include how fast it can go, whether it has heated […]

The A-List

Did you catch a glimpse of the Academy Awards 2014? Well, it is better known colloquially as the Oscars and involves some of the world’s most esteemed and renowned actors and actresses. You will have probably seen it as it has flooded social media sites and newspapers all around the world, as it does every year!

The 2014 Oscars attracted viewers from all over the world with many films receiving multiple nominations. Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o received the academy award for best actor and best actress respectively, and good […]