New Mercedes reveal!

Here at Best Merc Deals, we love it when a new Mercedes model is finally unveiled, well we do work in Mercedes business leasing in Burnley after all, and this week we got our wish. Mercedes-Benz has just revealed a stylish, more powerful version of its new S-class Coupé: the S65 AMG.

This new model promises to pack even more punch than the S63 AMG that has already been revealed (a fantastic car in itself that we have brilliant cash deals and leasing options for you to snap up), but just how quick will this new model be? Let’s talk […]

Making the Best Deal

Mercedes-Benz, as we’re sure you know, has a rich and lengthy history that’s synonymous with luxury and precision engineering. You might not have opted for one purely out of worry that the price might be too high, especially if you’re looking at a sleek and sporty model which comes with a whole host of features you can’t help but imagine having, but what if that wasn’t an obstacle anymore? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, thankfully that simply isn’t the case!


Best Merc Deals is a company specialising in the provision of high value vehicles at a low […]

Hero of the week!

We love a good hero story and we happened to come across a great news article featured on the BBC that fits the bill. Bob Renning, a 52-year-old man from Minnesota, saved a driver from a burning car by bending the door with his bare hands! This superhuman feat of strength was praised by police and the man himself admitted he had no idea how he managed to pull off the heroic act. He was driving along the freeway when he saw a vehicle filling up with smoke. Gripping the top of the door frame with his fingers and […]