Mercedes C-Class Coupe: Cracker of a car

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice…

 Worried you’re not going to be getting the new New Mercedes C-Class Coupe 2015 this Christmas?

 Word from Lapland is Father Christmas is struggling to load Mercedes-Benz’s latest present onto the back of his AMG sleigh anyway.

 But fear not. Down at the Best Mercedes Deals grotto they’re here and they’re already gift-wrapped. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice.

 The strikingly stylish two-door Mercedes C- Class Coupe moves away from the previous generation’s approach to a small coupe in that it’s 95mm […]

The new Mercedes GLS

We love a good unveiling here at Best Mercedes Deals.

So when the new Mercedes-Benz GLS – the facelifted version of the GL-Class SUV – was given the big reveal ahead of its 2016 release, our appetites were most certainly whetted.

Sitting above the GLE (the old ML) in the now fully revamped range, the Mercedes GLS is exactly what an SUV should be – big, bold and beautiful.

Changes to the exterior are subtle but add a touch of extra class.

  • Revised chrome grill featuring oversized three-pointed star.
  • Refreshed bumpers.

Mercedes All Stars

Who doesn’t like picking up a little souvenir for themselves? 

Well, visitors to the official Mercedes-Benz Museum can now treat themselves to the ultimate souvenir – a classic Mercedes to drive home in.

It has been announced that the Mercedes-Benz Museum will be selling classic cars from its base in Stuttgart, Germany. Don’t worry, I’m sure they do snow globes as well.

The aptly named Mercedes ‘All Time Stars’ collection has been split into three mouth-watering categories. First up we have Premium Edition focusing on classic cars in rare original condition with very few […]