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Tyre Maintenance

Tyre tread measurements

Tyre tread depth coin technique

Wiper Fluid Topup

A-Class wiper fluid container

Wiper fluid reservoir, example from a Mercedes A-Class. The wiper fluid container is White or see through in colour and has a cap that flips up.

Wiper fluid cap different colours

Look out for this symbol ,it indicates where you need to pour in the wiper fluid.
Also check on the side of the fluid container for minimum and maximum fill levels. Add a mixture of antifreeze and water to prevent freezing.

Oil Levels and Topup

Mercedes engine oil cap location

You will locate the oil filler cap towards the centre of the engine.Do NOT overfill ,Check levels using your dipstick (labled 1 in next pic).

Mercedes dipstick location

The dipstick comes in a variety of colours, its usually a looped handle that pulls straight out.

oil cap symbol

To check you have located the correct cap ,lookout for the symbol that resembles a small oil can.

Power Steering Fluid Reservoir Location

AMG power steering fluid reservoir location

Above is an example of where the location of the power steering fluid reservoir is located, locations vary car to car. Please consult owners manual for more info.

power steering fluid cap wheel symbol

To check you have located the correct filling point,lookout for either a symbol of a steering wheel as above, or the words ‘power steering fluid’. Warning do NOT overfill, please consult owners manual for more info.

Brake Pad Wear Warning Light

Brake pad wear warning light

When it’s time to replace your brakes ,a warning will appear on your dashboard console. It’s a small circle with 2 dashed lines wrapping around either side of it.

Brake pad warning symbol

This is another example of a brake pad warning light ,it can appear in various places on your cars dashboard ,depending on your car model and dashboard setup, The symbol remains the same on all cars.

Dashboard Warning Symbols and their Meanings