Mercedes CLS Class Shooting Break

Shooting brake was a term first coined in the 19th Century for vehicles used to transport hunting parties and their firearms. The Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake is very much a 21st Century vehicle but with a classic look that will keep it in the crosshairs of young and old for years to come.


The stylish swagger of a four-door coupe but with the added space and practicality of an estate, the CLS Shooting Brake at no point compromises style for substance. A family car but with a sweeping roofline and curves to die for, its sculpted body wouldn’t look amiss on an episode of Baywatch. Powerful looking at the front while commanding at the back, the lavish and beautifully lit interior is sure to raise an eyebrow or two as well. As elegant as it is ergonomically-welcoming, tech lovers will not be disappointed with plenty of gadgetry to get to grips with including satellite navigation with high-res mapping, music integration and DAB digital radio.

Drive and performance

Under the bonnet and this CLS is no shrinking violet either. It may be carrying a few pounds but there‘s power in spades. Casually cruising around the high street, no problem – but it’s just as comfortable shifting from 30mph to motorway speeds in under seven seconds as well. The four–cylinder CLS 250 CDI hits 62mph in 7.8 seconds (top speed 146mph) while the six-cylinder CLS 350 CDI gets there in over a second quicker (top speed a limited 155mph).


The car’s ECO start/stop system and advanced automatic transmission helps to deliver impressive fuel consumption figures and low emissions with performance not suffering in the slightest. The CLS 250 putting forward 53.3mpg and 139g/km while the 350 comes with 47.1mpg and emissions of 161g/km.

Practicality and safety

If hunting wildlife is something you actually like to do in your spare time then you’re in luck, because you could probably fit a sizeable moose in the boot of this car. If hunting birdies is more your thing though then don’t fret because although it won’t hole those tricky three-footers for you, it will keep your clubs safe. And you, with Mercedes’ respected and stringent safety features present throughout.

The Shooting Brake comes as a concept borne out of a past generation but Mercedes has ensured this version has its wheels planted firmly in the future.

CLS Shooting Brake Front View 300x200

CLS Shooting Brake Interior View

CLS Shooting Brake Boot Interior View