Mercedes E Class Cabriolet

Driving is not all just about getting from A to B. It’s about having fun and there aren’t many cars out there that could put a smile on your face more than the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet.

Elegance is not always something you associate with motor vehicles but roads may as well be red carpets when the E-Class Cabriolet struts its stuff. This is a model that was made to have its picture taken – top up or top down. A declustered front end (showcasing a more cohesive headlight design and the sportier single-bar grille) add to its sparkle as does the always impressive infotainment system, complete with online access and DAB digital radio.

Performance and drive
A broad range of petrol and diesel engines are available (the old V8 petrol E500 has been replaced with a bi-turbo V6 E400, while the four-cylinder E200 petrol has also been upgraded) making efficiency issues a non-starter. More efficiency, less power? Not a chance with the seven-speed automatic gearbox channelling blistering power and pace.
Top down is an even more serene experience now with AIRCAP (the intelligent wind-deflector system) automatically activating upon hitting the 25mph mark, ensuring hats, head scarves and toupees are safe, no matter where you’re sat.

Practicality and safety
Rear seats mean this is one convertible you can share with your friends while AIRSCARF (which blows warm air on your neck) and heated seats means they won’t be catching colds every time they go for a spin either.
No point in looking good if you don’t feel safe and the E-Class Cabriolet, under Mercedes Intelligent Drive banner, is as safe as they come with a host of features including radars front, side and back which activate the brakes when in danger of an imminent collision.
Smile and the whole world smiles with you. Settle in behind the wheel of the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet and your world’s going to be a far happier place.