Mercedes E Class Coupe

Brains and beauty. A classic combination in anybody’s book and a combination Mercedes has perfected once more with the E-Class Coupe.

The E-Class Coupe is the kind of car you would want hanging of your arm at the glitziest of social soirees. Minimum fuss but maximum appeal, the single-bladed front grille, single-lens headlamps, a refined body, delicately sculpted; this is a car built for this generation. Open the door and driving enjoyment is again taken to another level with a stylish interior brimming with the latest technology.

Performance and drive
Across the range (from the E220 CDI which manages 62mph in 8.3 seconds to the E400 which hits the mark in 5.2 seconds), the E-Class Coupe excels in all areas of drive and performance. Handling is a dream and the ride equally as smooth. There’s not a road or a corner in the world this machine wouldn’t relish tackling and a not a driver out there who wouldn’t relish the opportunity.

Practicality and efficiency
You could spend a week driving this car non-stop without worry of cramp with cabin space, front and back, generous enough to maybe not swing a cat but definitely stretch out in. And you’d have to spend a week driving around with your eyes closed to have any chance of crashing it. The E-Class Coupe is as intelligent as they come, fitted
with collision prevention assist, brake assist and attention assist systems all there to make sure your mind is focused solely on the pleasures of driving.
The range is also cleaner and greener than ever before with even the range-topping E400 and all its 328bhp emitting just 177g/km while doing 37.2mpg.

The Mercedes E-Class Coupe has never looked, sounded or felt better; a car truly in a class of its own.