Mercedes G Class

When it comes to a high-class vehicle that gets things done, very few beat the new G-Class. This is still the case, with the latest model of Mercedes' utilitarian off-roader: built to perform no matter what the terrain or conditions. For people who need to get work done in style, there is nothing to beat it.


The new G-Class has few exterior changes, keeping the design the same successful shape its predecessors enjoyed. To take things a little more contemporary though, under-headlamp LEDs and new side mirrors give definition. Inside, exquisite details abound with a sensible and attractive centre console.


On the road or across the toughest terrain, the G-Class drives superbly. An extensive range of engines come to the class, including the G350 BlueTEC and G500. Both are available with a long wheelbase, with the G500 also available in cabriolet. Also available is a 5.4 litre V8 G55 AMG, and the 6.0L V12 G65 AMG – the world's most powerful cross-country car.


The new G-Class offers increased efficiency throughout the range, with the eco start-stop feature available. Optimised gearing provides reduced emissions and fuel consumption without compromising on output.

Practicality and safety

Quite simply, the G-Class is designed to complete any job asked of it; solidly built, with plenty of torque and extremely spacious on the inside. Safety-wise of course, the G-Class delivers as only a Mercedes off-road car would, with Blind Spot Assist available and sensors a-plenty too.

Whether looking for an off-roader to cruise your own land, or to take a trip out further into the country, the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class is built for it.

The G-Class comes with two engine variants – a BlueTEC V6 and a more powerful V8 Supercharged unit. Both offer exceptional performance on and off road. 350 BlueTEC produces 210hp, the G63 AMG's 5.5 Litre Bi-Turbo V8 engine produces 544hp, and the G65 AMG's 6.0 Litre V12 Bi-Turbo produces an almighty 612hp.

The G-Class is packed with safety feature that aid the driver in the most testiong of conditions. These include Electronic Stability Program which senses if there is a risk of skidding and applies the brakes at one or more wheels and also restricts the engine torque to help stabilise the vehicle.

The G-Class is prepared for any terrain. It has a sophisticated 4-wheel drive system with three individually controllable differentials for precise driving. Gradients of upto 80% are negotiable and the vehicle can remain stable of transversal slopes of upto 54%. Watercourses are not an issue with a fording depth capability of 0.6 metres.

Despite its sturdy exterior the G-Class has all the refinements of a Prestige vehicle. Features include electronically adjustable seating, leather trim and electronic stowage of the steering wheel when parked. Further personalisation can be acheived by selecting options such as upgraded leather and multimedia systems.

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