S Class

What would be your first wish if you happened upon a magic lamp?

World peace? True love? The world's greatest car? Many have labelled the new Mercedes S-Class just that and it doesn't take a genie or a genius to work out why.


When Mercedes rolls out its S-Class the world sits up and takes notice. And this model comes as no exception. Its sleek, contemporary features enhance the stylish while disguising its brute superiority. Hundreds of LED lights, inside and out, make the S-Class as illuminating as its most glowing of reviews (and there are plenty) and the onboard technology is so vast you'll need two weeks off work just to digest the manual. Two tablet-style screens dominate the dashboard, one for business (instruments) the other for pleasure (infotainment). Two more tablets can be found mounted in the back, wi-fi comes in-built and the seats even come with a 'hot stone massage' option. Who says you can't mix business with pleasure.

Performance and handling

A car as good looking as this should probably come with a chauffeur. Even if it did though, you'd last about 30 seconds before kicking the driver to the curb and grabbing the wheel for yourself. Dripping with power, models range from the S350 BlueTEC and its 3.0-litre V6 engine (255bhp) to the range-topping S500 L with its twin-turbo 4.7-litre V8, its 449bhp and its ability to fly from 0-62mph in just 4.8 seconds.

World-class steering added to the Magic Body Contol suspension (a camera which scans the road ahead for dips and bump and adjusts the suspension accordingly) add to a dream drive.


Onlookers may be green with envy but green lovers will also look upon this machine with admiration. The S350 BlueTEC produces class-leading emissions figures of t146g/km and an official fuel economy of 51.4mpg.

Practicality and safety

The Mercedes S-Class is one of the most technologically advanced cars to ever set wheel on the road.

A new “beltbag” reduces the risk of injury to rear passengers through its inflatable strap while Mercedes' 'Intelligent Drive' makes Einstein look like Kim Kardashian.

Its raft of all-round sensors mean you could slip on a blind fold, tie your hands behind your back and the S-Class will still get you from A to B without harming a hair on your head.

They say be careful what you wish for.
They've obviously never seen the Mercedes S-Class.

The S Class comes with COMAND (Cockpit Multimedia and Navigation Display) as standard. Bluetooth connectivity enables the driver to connect their mobile phone and operate it directly using the multifunction steering wheel controls.

Additional Pre-Wire system can be purchased to allow you to connect your telephone directly into the vehicle enabling the phone to be charged. The phone also uses the vehicles aerial to boost the signal. The telephone cradle for this function can be purchased to suit your phone.

With the option of the Rear Seat Comfort Package, travelling has greater appeal. The feature boasts individual multi contour seats with individually adjustable air chambers. This ensures each rear occupant has tailored comfort. Adjustments for this function are made using the COMAND screen with special graphical representation. Massage function has four settings to provide a relaxing journey.

Originally designed for S Class vehicles, the Pre-Safe system anticipates an accident and activates safety precautions. These include activating the reversible seat belt tensioners and closing the side windows. As part of this package, the front seats are adjusted to the safest position in the moments prior to the accident.

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