Mercedes SL Class

If cars had pores, the Mercedes SL-Class would exude cool and class from every one. Building on six decades of history, the latest incarnation of the SL takes its 'Super Light' moniker to the next level. Crafted almost entirely from aluminium, the reduced weight increases performance, efficiency and through that, driving pleasure.


The styling of the SL-Class is typically in keeping with what has gone before: stunning. Drawing on its heritage, its silhouette is reminiscent of previous models, but with its accent folds and flowing lines providing the contemporary edge. Inside is equally scintillating. The dash is wing-like and provides an intimate environment for the driver. With a cockpit-like centre stack, extensive instrument panel and surface details throughout, it is more than luxurious.


Driving the SL is joy ad infinitum. There is no roll, no pitch and no judder. Everything is tight, with the Active Body Control systems smoothing the tarmac before you. Ideal for track days and perfect for a trip to the south of France. Driving does not get any better than this.

Efficiency, practicality and safety

With the lighter loads across the class, the SL has far increased its efficiency, with dramatically reduced emissions. The signature roof still allows luggage to be carried, so extended trips can be taken with ease. All the usual safety accoutrements are here too, making the SL-Class unbeatable.

Still the best folding-top hard-roof car there is, the Mercedes-Benz SL Class is a cut above. If you deserve the best in life, this is what to treat yourself with.

The SL Class is motorsport inspired with its sleek design. Features include LED running lights and redesigned headlights, widened radiator grille and gill trim on the front wings. The bonnet has twin Powerdomes that add to the vehicles powerful look.

The SL Class boasts a Vario-Roof which transforms it into either Coupe or open-top sports roadster. This takes just 16 seconds from start to finish. Because of the roofs folding hard top design, the sound and insulation is that of a normal hard topped vehicle. Panoramic Glass is available for the section between front and rear screen giving that open air feel in all conditions.

Various engines available across the model include a 3.0 litre V6 giving 231hp. The SL 350 contains a higher revving V6 version that produces a hefty 315hp and a 0-62 of just 7.2 seconds. In the V8 class the SL500 pushes 388hp with a 0-62 of 5.4 secs. The flagship SL55 AMG is the powerhouse of the range with a 525hp V8 harnessed with a 7 Speed transmission.

With the addition of the Airscarf feature, both driver and passenger can enjoy warm air distributed across the neck. This is done by small fans within the headrest creating a stream of air which is then channelled by adjustable vents. The flow automatically increases with the speed of the vehicle. Open top driving on cooler days can now be made comfortable.

300x200 SL-Class 3

300x200 SL-Class 4

300x200 SL-Class 53

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