Mercedes S-Class Coupe

Grab a thesaurus, look up the word ‘stylish’ and you’ll be somewhere close to describing just what Mercedes is offering up with its 2014 S-Class Coupe.

Given its ‘concept’ world premiere at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, the car has already been labelled a “masterpiece” that combines “tradition and emotion” to form a “true design icon”. I could prattle on for 1,000 words and come nowhere near close to doing it justice but what we do know and what I can say is that it is 5,005mm long, 1,958mm wide, has a 2,945mm wheelbase, will be powered by a V8 Bi-turbo engine and produce 455bhp.

Replacement for the CL (as Mercedes continues to simplify its superfluous range), the S-Class Coupe concept is a giant two-door model with its long front bonnet and aggressive front styling softened by the lack of B-pillars which give rise to added sleekness and the suggestion a convertible could be in the pipeline. The concept also uses twin cameras to produce a 3D view of 50m in front of the car, using the images to pre-adjust the suspension system as is approaches oncoming undulations.

Music lovers are catered for as well with recognition service Gracenote playing whatever music fits your current mood. Driving fult pelt down the motorway – how about some AC/DC?. Sunny drive in the country – bit of panpipes with a hint of dolphin perhaps. Driving off a cliff? One Direction. Perfect mood setting.

A production version is due to follow at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and is set to hit the market next year.

See the S-Class in action!